Review of January 2016

Helloooooo! Is there anyone out there?

Anyway, with an audience or without, I’ve decided; I’m going to sweep the dust off this ol’ blog of mine and start blogging regularly again.

Why? Well… I’ve started to notice I’m no longer as eloquent as I used to be (ahem), maybe because due to the lack of thought processing/formulation and articulating those thoughts. I want to record my observations of the world that I’m living in, to journal down the changes I’m going through, to keep a digital record of my life here, and to share whatever I’m liking and enjoying so far.

So this year (as with any other year with the same aim at bettering myself), I’m going to make it a point to blog, at least once a month, to share what I’ve been up to for the month and so on so forth. So what’s up in January?

I went to Bangkok with Kevin on 1 Jan (immediately after counting down at JL’s place)! Our early morning flight saw me make use of the Snooze Lounge at the transit area at Changi Airport (for the first time!) to catch forty winks. I didn’t sleep particularly well because:

  1. The area was still too bright for me (I need pitch darkness to sleep)
  2. The security did a good job to make sure to check that passengers who are arriving in Singapore do not overstay in the transit area (hence they woke me up) and
  3. I was feeling cold, I had worn shorts and not my long comfy pants that I usually wear for red-eye flights. #ichosepoorly

It’s been at least a good 3 years since we’ve been there and on top of the usual places we usually visit (like Platinum Mall, Chatuchak Market, MBK, etc), we checked out new places like Asiatique, Em Quartier, Terminal 21, Talad Rot Fai Ratchada (also known as Train Market) and cafes such as Audrey Cafe & Bistro and Karmakamet. Ahh, too many cafes on my list to check out, but too little time! I love Bangkok, but I think… I’ve may have outgrown it? =\ It no longer thrills me to score a bargain like when I was still a poly student (things are already so cheap to begin with!!) so I no longer try to haggle with shopkeepers.

I’ve also begun exercising more! I’m hoping that I can keep this routine up as the year progresses 🙂 I no longer have to leave home at 7am for work, so I use that time in the morning to get a run or workout in, read while having breakfast before prepping for work. Which brings me to the next point…..

I’ve just started on a new job this month! I know, I know, you may say that it’s still too early to tell it’s the job for me, that I’m still the honeymoon phase, but honestly if you ask me? I know I’m in my sweet spot, doing what I do best, surrounded by people who simply want to do good work. I enjoy being creative, I appreciate it when my opinions are valued, and I enjoy the work I’m assigned to do (with the occasional cup of coffee on the house, hehehehe). Which brings me to the next point…

Sometimes you can only connect the dots when you look back. Last year was a difficult year for me career-wise (though my natural eyes saw it as a restoration of finances), but it’s a journey I needed to take. The past year saw the breaking of my pride (which I didn’t know even know existed), the changing of my mindset (to stop comparing myself to others) and really knowing my identity in Christ. There were several occasions where I felt unvalued and my hard work unappreciated but these experiences are needed. Now with the benefit of hindsight, I see that if I don’t live by the men’s praises, I wouldn’t die by their criticism. I now know that my Daddy God’s heart for me is good and He will not bless others at my expense. I shouldn’t be comparing my behind-the-scenes to people’s highlight reels because everyone runs a different course. If this job had come up any earlier, I wouldn’t be as thankful as I am now. Well, this job was most definitely a door opened by Daddy God for me, so praise Jesus!

And so, that’s my January and I’m looking forward to an awesome February where I get to travel for work! 😀


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