About Me

kellsHi, I’m Kelly and I’m enchanted to meet you! I believe in living life inspired by keeping my eyes open to things around me and because whatever I see can be a source of inspiration.

I’m a bookworm, an INFJ, a Swiftie (unashamedly), and a lover of all things beautiful. Most days I’m woken up by my adopted dog Talia (best alarm clock in the world!) and I love starting my day with a nice long walk with her. Nothing beats being connected to nature and being fully present; we have spotted squirrels, woodpeckers and even a monitor lizard once! I’m powered by some form of caffeine, be it Nespresso shots or green tea. I like my strawberries dipped in condensed milk, you really should give it a try if you haven’t, It. Is. Divine. I always carry a book in my bag and sometimes I miss my stop because I was too engrossed.

Apologies for my short-attention span because as much as I’m easily awed, I’m easily distracted as well. I’m someone who lives in the moment – after all, the past is behind us, the future is still far away and what we’ve got is right now.

It’s really simple to understand me, I’m an open book. More often than not, I feel an intense need for expression,  so I doodle, write or create. All my complications come out in my words. So if you are or have been a part of my life, something you do or say will eventually become a subject here. I hope that’s okay, and consider that as a compliment.

I love being surprised and I’m easily excitable. There’s so many things I wanna accomplish in my lifetime, and I hope I have the time to do them all!


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Your website’s a good read. Love a good article anyday, and i see you have some published works as well. Keep it up ya, and dun be discouraged. Cos the Lord is with you. His name is Immanuel which means God with us. I hope you believe and come to a revelation that you are not alone when facing crossroads, He is with you =) and if that is the case you can claim the verse of Genesis 39:3 The world will see that the Lord is with Kelly and the Lord make all that Kelly did and will ever do prosper in her hands. Have a great weekend ahead.

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