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Home Decor Inspiration

Since I was young, I loved going to Ikea and absolutely adore the Scandinavian-style furniture. I envision living in a home that possesses an understatedly elegant and pared down aesthetic, a home that is functional, and most importantly full of light. I had amassed numerous interior design pictures of mostly Scandinavian and Industrial style over the years, only to realise recently… that I’ve developed a taste for something slightly different. | décor  : modern classic

Ornate austerity, they call it. There’s something quite captivating about the juxtaposition of the ornate mouldings and clean, sleek lines of modernity. It’s as if I’m no longer charmed that’s all bright and new. It’s like I’ve developed a liking for ceiling medallions, chandeliers, concrete floors and modern furniture, just the things this girl’s dreams are made of. 😉


Home studio

Looking at this makes me think of how I would do up my own creative studio…
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image credit: sweethomestyle