Guest Editor at CLEO Singapore, ACP Magazines (Asia) [2009]
I was one of the five guest editors chosen to work on the May issue of CLEO Singapore alongside with the CLEO editorial team. It was an eye-opening experience working behind the scenes and I enjoyed every moment! During my time there, I wrote a book review, a phone review, the HairClips column and also contributed to the Smart Report of the issue. I was also given the opportunity to interview Sephora’s beauty trainer and attended several media launches. It was such a different (and great!) feeling to be on the opposite of the media (with PR being on the other end), being pampered with awesome swag.


Deputy Web Editor for Frock Paper Scissors (QUT Fashion) [2009]
I was chosen for the role of Deputy Web Editor and to be part of the 2009 editorial team that would put together the magazine and website for the Fashion and Style Journalism unit. My involvements include (and are not just limited to) helping the web editor decide what goes onto the web, contributing ideas regarding the aesthetics of the website, generating questions for the Fashion IQ on the homepage, managing Frock’s Twitter account and Facebook fan page, and also writing an article for web.



Click here to read the article.



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