Saturday: Selah


After a week of work, a day of rest is absolutely welcome.

Everyone’s definition of rest varies but here’s mine: I like to be awakened naturally, though it means I rarely get up past eight in the morning. I like to get moving, not out of restlessness but rather out of my desire to head out for a bout of activity or fresh air.


So this morning while Kev is off to work, I met up with Kelda for a run. I cycled over to meet her and I got in quite a workout. We jogged for a short while and wound up taking an idyllic walk in the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. As we chatted about everything under the sun while walking through the gardens, we spotted quite a few birds like kingfishers, waterhens and even saw a heron wading in the stream for its breakfast. We also spotted some herons roosting at the top of a tree.

This has turned out to be quite a nice walk and I wonder why we don’t do it as often as we should when it’s so good for our souls, to just break away from digital devices and revel in nature.

Hillsong Colour Conference 2014 – London

How do I even begin? I’ve been to Hillsong Conference in 2012, and having seen some Brisbane girls enjoying themselves at Colour Conference Sydney in 2013, I had this desire to experience it for myself. I never shared this desire with Kevin because all I was thinking was about how selfish it would be to leave Kevin alone when I’m enjoying myself. But Kevin knows how much my spiritual man needs to be nourished and he booked me a ticket to Colour Conference London because the Colour Conference Sydney was sold out. I just felt so loved by Daddy God through Kevin. T.T

This was the reason why we went back to Paris and London last year so soon again after our honeymoon, but I’m not complaining!

Before flying over, I had emailed to let them know that I’m coming to the conference alone and would like to be part of the Meeting Place to meet other girls. Hannah from Hillsong London church emailed me and offered to host me so that I wouldn’t be alone, she also updated me on the weather in London so I can pack sufficient warm clothing for the trip. I was psyched!

It was a rainy Friday on the first day. We queued up to get our wrist tags, and I see guy volunteers holding out umbrellas to shelter the ladies who were in the queue. It was such a nice gesture and I love the spirit of honour for women carried out in this little act.

I met Hannah soon after, and she’s helping out during the conference with other girls. I met this other girl Nathalie, who happened to have worked in Singapore before, in the same company as my sister’s friend, and she attended New Creation Church in Singapore. Oh my, it’s such a God thing, half way across the world Daddy God set me up with people whom I would feel comfortable around!

As with all Hillsong Conferences, I expected creative, beautiful opening performances and they never failed my expectations. This year’s Colour Conference opener took influences from the film noir and silent film era and it was like a mini-film and you can watch it here. I see Daddy God’s heart of love and devotion towards me, that He’s always there waiting for me patiently,  to turn back to Him if I ever strayed away from Him. I know nothing can fill the depths of my soul and heart like Daddy God’s love can, because He is Love personified.

On the first night, we were all gifted a Sisterhood edition bible and nothing is as precious as sowing God’s word into people’s lives. It’s currently my favourite now because it’s an NIV version and it’s really easy to read.

Priscilla Shirer and Lisa Bevere were the speakers at Colour Conference and they were such dynamic, on-fire women of God. I love how they shared that we are all loved uniquely by our Daddy God and reminded me to experience the intricacies of His love for me myself, and watch Him become flesh/real to me, instead of just knowing what He is.

The openers for the sessions of the other two days were just as great, it’s such a positive and fun environment to be in. :)

Oh, one amazing thing happened. I decided to go earlier so I can buy the Colour Conference merchandise and while I was browsing through the stuff, I heard a familiar accent. I turned around and I saw a group of girls who looked like students, checking the merchandise out too. Then I was emboldened and decided to approach them, asking if they were Singaporeans and they were! The icing on top of the cake – they were from New Creation too! Upon knowing that I’m alone, they invited me to join them. The girl who put her arm around me to join them, her name was Hannah. In Hebrew, Hannah means favour or grace. And I can’t begin to say… how good Daddy God is, to show me that He has given me twice the favour and grace for the Conference.

Oh I also met friends from Indonesia and even Korea, those 2.5 days were such an amazing time!

There were activities going on outside the stadium – there was a photowall station, inside the stadium there were other photo-taking areas for selfie opportunities too, an area for people to lounge around and even a manicure station! It was so cool :)

photo 4

photo 3 (1)

Here’s us at the photowall in the stadium! :D

photo 1 (2)
The morning of the last day of Colour Conference. I sat down at one of the chairs as I arrived and started writing out notes for the amazing people that I’ve met during this short period of time.

One main highlight that I had observed about Colour Conferences is the 500 Project and I was curious about it. You can read more about it and watch the video here.

In 2014, instead of a small tin can that the previous Conference goers received, we received a can the size of a paint tin! Bobbie shared that it is her heart that we colour the world with love. The $500 project is a way that we as individuals, or with friends can contribute collectively. $500 can buy us a lot of things, but if we use it to bless someone, it can make a whole world of difference to that person.

There were a few projects that one can choose from, but what really got me was the Dignity with Love project in Ethiopia when I watched the video. I actually cried and felt deeply for this cause. The women who suffered from obstetric fistula due to obstructed labour had to deal with incontinence, shame, social segregation and other health problems and I just felt that this is not how things were supposed to be; Labour should end up with rejoicing and not shame, and so I made this my personal project. I know I may never meet the person I’m helping out on this side of Heaven, but I know my help (no matter how small) can change her current and future situation and restore dignity to her and this will be my way of showing the love that Daddy God had first shown me.

Ok, this is getting a bit too heavy so let’s go back to the reminiscing.

photo 5
So, the weather was bloody brilliant on the last day. It was sunny, yet chilly and it was perfect for us girls to hang out in the sun in between sessions. Many girls also went to the nearby London Designer Outlet and sat on the grass, chatting and enjoying the wonderful sunshine.

photo 1 (3)
Hannah blessed us with coffee! I really love how we never ran out of conversation. We were all able to share freely and endlessly how amazing Daddy God has been in our lives.

They ended the last session of the Conference on such a high too. I was just a little bummed as I had to leave early to catch a flight back to Singapore, though I wasn’t the only one leaving early. Some other girls had to catch their train back to their respective unis and I’m really glad I had such a good time with them (and I bumped into some of them in Singapore!). Some of them actually even signed up for the 2015 Colour Conference then and I’m sure it’s going to be an awesome one. :)



Less than a month to go (so exciting!!), I’ll see you soon NYC! <3

New month, new beginning

When I lay my head on my pillow tonight, I’m putting away the adventures I had been having for a brand new set I’ll find when I wake up.

I’ll no longer be rolling out of bed at 8am, I’ll no longer be wearing shorts and sandals to work, I’ll no longer be working in a cafe environment with music playing in the background, surrounded by botanicals and florals in galvanised tins.

I’m afraid that if I don’t document what I’ve done and went through when I started my journey being an assistant events designer, I would forget it slowly as time passed. So here’s me and my feeble attempt to remember things and events.

During the Christmas season… we decked up offices and some familiar F&B places. I lost count of the number of Christmas wreaths we made during the season and how many times I’ve been scratched by the prickly vines.







When I have a kid next time, I’ll tell him/her that mummy used to decorate Christmas trees for a living. Hahaha

This is the first wedding that I conceptualised, styled and led in the styling as our Chief Designer was away, what made it special for me was that it happened on my birthday and I felt that it was a gift from Daddy God. :)

I proposed and designed the floor decal for the wedding and I was thankful that an old contact was able to do that for me at such short notice. :)

Rustic floral arrangement that I did, after coming back from an event set-up/teardown. I was so happy that it only needed a few tweaks to make it better as I was afraid I was not translating the team’s aesthetics into the arrangement.

November was such a busy month, we shuffled back and forth various locations to do set-ups and tear-downs for corporate dinners and lunches.


Media event for a watch brand

I did my first succulent arrangement!

In October, we did the VM for Keepers and we styled the main window display and did paper quilling on the empty wall in the pop-up store. I can’t believe how many nights we spent and I’ll never forget how hard we worked on this.



We also styled up a media presentation for a tableware client. I felt like a real stylist, adjusting props and putting things in place so that it looks awesome.
IMG_5874 IMG_5872

We also did a photoshoot at Rasa Sentosa (ahh, memories!) where we had three different backdrops and it was just nuts. But what I can say that is Daddy God looked out for me that day, and I’ll never forget that :)

IMG_5113 (1)

The team behind the scenes, they are the best people to work with :)



Floral Training – My crate centrepiece.

Paper planes!

This is the first wedding that I conceptualised :’)

This is the first wedding I proposed and after many revisions, it has finally come to fruition earlier this year. :)



I’ll never forget the days we spend, foraging for dried leaves and lallang… alot of things I’ll never forget… because all these experiences are what I’ve ever dreamt of and because of the people I’ve worked with. :)

Products I’ve used up

Here’s another edition of Products that I’ve used up!

photo (37)

Philosophy’s Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash – This is probably the fourth or even fifth bottle that I’ve used up, and that speaks volumes about this product that keeps me repurchasing bottle after bottle. I use it on a daily basis and I like how it makes my skin feel clean, smooth with its exfoliating beads that aren’t the least bit abrasive. I prefer this to the Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 cleanser, which I use once in a while when I switch up my skincare routine.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Eye Cream – This is my first time using Hada Labo’s eye cream and although it’s labelled as a cream, it has more of a gel-like texture. It is dispensed via a pump, making it very hygienic and usually I would only need to use half a pump for both eyes. I find it to be a very basic fragrance-free, lightweight moisturiser and it doesn’t cause me any problems, so I wouldn’t mind buying another bottle to use when my current Caudalie eye cream runs out.

SKII Cellumination Essence EX – I got this at DFS and I must say, I really love using it! It has a light texture and it’s easily absorbed. I noticed that my skin became fairer and seemed to be glowing from within with regular usage. Will I buy it again? Yes, definitely!

Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF50+ – This sunblock is super light and non-sticky, making it perfect for our weather. It’s kinda watery, spreads easily on the skin and dries to a natural finish. This is one of the few sunblocks that I rotate around using and come back to.

Bio Secure Lingettes Demaquillantes (Bio Secure Cleansing Wipes) – This was an item I hastily picked up when I was in City Pharma, trying to hit the $175 EUR tax refund minimum (yes I went a little crazy in there but you can’t blame me!). I’ve never heard of the brand prior to the purchase and I thought I’d just give it a try. Apparently this product is suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and contains aloe vera and argan oil to hydrate and soften the skin. It says that it does not contain alcohol and can be used to remove face, eye (even waterproof ones) and lip makeup. When I used it around my eyes during makeup removal,  I felt a stinging sensation but I’m not sure if it’s just because my skin was a bit sensitive. I’m not sure if I’ll use it to remove makeup in future if I come across it again but I think it’s more suitable to be used to refresh the skin after a gym workout or a hike.

Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Body Lotion – I like the scent of Twilight Woods when I first tried it in the form of a body mist and I decided to buy the body lotion version of it online. It’s moisturising enough for me without being too heavy and the fragrance has pretty good staying power.

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel – I’ve heard many good things about the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent and I’m glad I like it too! I was surprised at how moisturising it felt when I was using it and then I realised, oh yeah there’s shea butter in it. I’m looking forward to use the other Bath & Body Works shower gels I have in my arsenal!

Sephora Supreme Body Lotion – I find this to be quite runny and it has a mild fragrance which makes it enjoyable for me to apply this right after I step out of the shower. It is non-greasy and gets absorbed pretty quickly, so it’s ideal for a day body moisturiser when you need to get dressed fast in the morning.

Nexcare 3M Acne Patch – I may have mentioned this before but this product really is the bomb! Whenever I see a pimple coming up with its annoying white head, I put this baby on overnight and it gets flattened the next morning. This is one product that I always make sure I have in my beauty drawer.

SKII Facial Treatment Essence – I got this at DFS along with the SKII Cellumination Ex Essence and I was quite apprehensive about using this product because it has caused me breakouts when I first used it a few years back. I guess my skin wasn’t ready for it then, but when I tried it again it worked great with the Cellumination Essence Ex. Instead of using a cotton pad, I pour it onto my palms and then slapped them onto my face hahaha! The scent of the essence took some time to get used to but after that it’s all good. I’ll probably get it again, along with the Cellumination Essence Ex.

That’s it for this edition of products I’ve used up, till next time!

Resolutions for TwentyFifteen

I haven’t set resolutions for myself for a couple of years now. While there are opinions that there’s no need to set resolutions every year, I feel that there’s a certain freshness in the new year and it offers a wonderful opportunity to wipe the slate clean (literally and figuratively) and start anew… with some goals. So here are mine:

1) Take time to indulge in beauty rituals: There was a time where I believe taking care of oneself is a pleasurable activity. I looked forward to going home after work to take time to pamper myself. Some nights, I’d give myself a body scrub, while other nights I would prepare a soak to soften my hardworking feet. Other than the monthly facial appointments, I would make it a point to do facial masks every few days. I would also slather body moisturiser all over my body before I crawl under the sheets each night. Over the years, I’ve stopped doing that because I’ve become lazy and I had ‘no time’. This year, I’m going to start taking care of myself and allow myself this little bit of indulgence again. After all, if I take my skincare regimen seriously and invest in my skin, I guess I wouldn’t need makeup right? ;)

2) Buy less, but better:  I’ve made my attempt to purge the wardrobe, to pare down the amount of clothes I have and I aim to buy lesser stuff this year. This year on, I choose quality over quantity.

3) Get back in the groove of exercising: I’ve stopped running for quite a while due to a busy schedule and a sudden relapse of my achilles tendonitis. This year, I’ll make time to go for my runs in the mornings :)

4) Dig deep into the Word: This is a year of His restoration, and I’m looking forward to walking in a new dimension with Jesus by being in the Word and His presence. It’s looking to be a great start and I pray this is the year that I finally read the Bible from cover to cover!

5) Spend more time with family: Looking back, I realised that last year I was quite consumed with work and all other stuff that I hadn’t spent much time with my family now that I’m married. This year, I want to change that. After all, now it’s the best time to be around them and love them instead of when they are gone.

6) Launch my project: I’ve been sitting on this for the longest time and I actually started working on it sometime last year while I was resting. But somehow at the end of last year, this renewed sense of energy just shot through me and I’ve been working on it ever since. I think Daddy God is doing something here and I aim to finally launch it this year!

7) Be planted in a care group and be surrounded by like-minded people: Last year, Kevin and I had graduated from GenRev (because we got married) and we were just…. not involved in caregroup activities anymore (other than sneaking into GenRev services every now and then to glean). I pray that this year Daddy God will show us and plant us in the right caregroup for us to grow.

Hopefully at the end of 2015 and the brink of 2016, I can say I achieved most (or all!) of my goals. :)

My 2014

How time flies! I can’t believe it’s already the second last day of the year and so how has my year been?

This year, I stepped out in faith to leave my comfort zone. I took time to unwind, relax and draw closer to Daddy God. Those three months were the most precious time of my life, even though there were moments of uncertainty.

This year, I had the privilege to travel quite often. We left our footprints in Israel, Paris, London and somewhere closer to home Penang. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a class at Covent Garden Academy of Flowers and attend Hillsong Colour Conference (which I have yet to write about) while I was in London, all thanks to Kevin. :) She who finds a husband, finds a good thing. Haha!

This year, Daddy God opened a door for me to try out something that I’ve been dreaming about since last year. I get to work with flowers, conceptualise weddings (I get to browse Pinterest, StyleMePretty and look at pretty stuff all day) and I picked up quite a bit of know-how from the amazing ladies. It certainly has really been a rewarding experience. :)

This year, I’m thankful that I have Kevin’s full support and my parent’s support in what I choose to do, even though it appeared to be an unconventional choice. I mean, who wants to go home with cuts on their hands (and sometimes limbs) and dirt under their fingernails, clothes dusted with glitter or specks of paint? But working there, I enjoy the creative process and it feels so natural. I’m glad they gave me the opportunity to pursue this dream… no matter how short-lived it has been.

This year, Daddy God has shown me – that He is able to give me what I want, all I need to do is ask. I know I should own it like it’s my birthright but sometimes I’m still in awe over the power of our tongue and the authority Jesus has given us. Our words carry so much power. He’s given me rainbows in Israel, He has moved the date of Kevin’s course (which he says has 0.1% of being changed) so that it would not affect our London trip, He has opened a door for me to do something I always wanted to do and He has allowed me to see how the prayer I pronounced over a fellow P&W leader has come to pass and her family will be migrating to Australia this coming year. Our Daddy God is faithful to all His promises. May I never forget that it’s all of Him, may I always remember to look to Him and ask away, instead of relying on my own arm of flesh.

This year, it’s as though Daddy God is celebrating our wedding anniversary for us by orchestrating things to happen which led to our wedding being featured on The Wedding Scoop… a year later. I’m just so humbled and awed… :)

All I know… Daddy God is a good God, it’s never about how good I’ve been, it’s always about how good He is. This coming year, He shall once again show His goodness to me :)