Birthday Wishlist


November is my favourite month of the year because… it’s my birthday month! Now I’ll be glad if any of these items make its way into my possession… ;)

  1. Calfskin Messenger Bag in Burgundy, JCOS STUDIOS
  2. iPhone Slim Case in Marble, Society6
  3. Love Style Life by Garance Dore, OpenTrolley
  4. Pocket Tote – Black, TheDailyEdited (love the monogram!)

If You’re not my One Thing

In every season, there is a song that speaks to me, and wrecks me in a good way. In this season, this song is my heart’s cry… Because if Jesus is not my One Thing, everything I have means nothing.

I tasted the world seen more than enough
Its promises fleeting
Of water and wine I emptied the cup
And found myself wanting

But there is a well that never runs dry
The water of life the blood of the vine

Cause all I know is
Everything I have means nothing
Jesus if You’re not my one thing
Everything I need right now
All I need is You right now

Just one thing I ask and this I will seek
If only to know You
To be where You are and go where You lead
My God I will follow

The things of this world I’ve counted as loss
I lay it all down to take up this cross

Cause all I know is
Everything I have means nothing
Jesus if You’re not my one thing
Everything I need right now

Cause all I know is
Everything You are and nothing
Jesus if You’re not my one thing
Everything to me right now

And I’ll sing
Whoa whoa
I want nothing but to know You
And to be with You my God

And I’ll sing
Whoa whoa
And with everything within me
I will worship You my God

Wanderlust dreams

This world is such an amazing place, filled with countless of cities and places that I wish to visit in my lifetime and these are on my dream list (it’s not exhaustive hahaha):

Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Northern Lights, Norway

Hot-air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

Dead Sea (Jordan’s side)

Snorkeling in the Gulf of Aqaba

Lavender fields, Provence

Santorini, Greece

Being transported in time in Kyoto

Sleeping in a PurePod glasshouse under an open sky in New Zealand.

Uyuni salt flats, Bolivia

Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria


*Images are all from Google.

Home Decor Inspiration

Since I was young, I loved going to Ikea and absolutely adore the Scandinavian-style furniture. I envision living in a home that possesses an understatedly elegant and pared down aesthetic, a home that is functional, and most importantly full of light. I had amassed numerous interior design pictures of mostly Scandinavian and Industrial style over the years, only to realise recently… that I’ve developed a taste for something slightly different. | décor  : modern classic

Ornate austerity, they call it. There’s something quite captivating about the juxtaposition of the ornate mouldings and clean, sleek lines of modernity. It’s as if I’m no longer charmed that’s all bright and new. It’s like I’ve developed a liking for ceiling medallions, chandeliers, concrete floors and modern furniture, just the things this girl’s dreams are made of. ;)

What I’ve been using recently

I have a list of products that I always go back to, but I love trying new products too. In the past month I’ve introduced some new products to my skincare routine and my skin is taking well to them.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream: I bought this when I had run out of my Philosophy moisturiser on my New York trip. The weather was punishingly cold (and it’s supposed to be spring already!) and I knew I needed something more moisturising than usual so I picked this baby up. Its consistency is slightly heavier than the my usual Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturiser, so I would warm it up between my fingers before applying it on my face. I liked it that it’s fragrance-free and it gets absorbed into my skin easily. I was worried that it would be too oily for my skin but my worries were unfounded. The only con about this product is that it’s in a tub form so people who are finicky about hygiene may have an issue with it but I’m unfussed by that.

SKII Cellumination Aura Essence: I decided to purchase this because I had good experience previously with the SKII Cellumination Essence EX. It has a light texture, spreads easily and gets absorbed into my skin quickly. Although I’ve just started using it on a daily basis, I haven’t really paid much attention to its brightening effect. But as long as it doesn’t make me break out, it’s all good for now. That being said… It’s quite pricey, but if it does its job well, it’s acceptable right? Hahaha, we shall wait and see.

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose: Picked up this up because of its adorable pocket-sized tin packaging! It’s light pink in the tin, and smells really yummy upon application. It is moisturising and it’s a good thing it’s not flavoured as well because I would be licking my lips ever so often! Now I’m regretting not getting a few more tins in other flavours to try but that’s okay, there are still so many lip balms to try out there.

 Fresh Lip Sugar Scrub: I use lipsticks a lot so it bothers me that sometimes lipsticks do not go on evenly when I apply it. I had been diligent with my moisturising but not with the exfoliation bit. I wanted to make my own lip scrubs with sugar, honey and lemon (ooh, it tastes yummy too) but I always found it too time-consuming. So when I walked into Sephora on my New York trip, I knew this item is going to come home with me along with other products. I tried it for the first time and I realised the awesomeness of this product. I pick up just a little of the product and run it over my lips. It doesn’t crumble easily and the oils in the product really nourish my lips, leaving me with soft, kissable lips (that I want Kev to kiss!).

Bite Lip Lab


I’ve heard about this amazing place called the Bite Lip Lab by Bite Beauty where you can customise your own lip colour, so I made it one of my must-go places when I visited New York a couple of months back. I excitedly made my appointment via email and I couldn’t wait for the experience!

I was about 15 minutes early for my appointment and when I got there, they asked me to come back on time instead as it seemed like they were quite busy.I must add that the space seemed quite small and slightly narrow. When it was finally my turn, I was led to a station where the Lip Lab Artist introduced me to some products and got my  lips ready with them for my consultation.

Now it’s time to customise my colours! Look at all the colours to choose from! I walked in having my research done and knowing exactly what I wanted. I was looking for a nude and a red and I knew I wanted them in matte formula.

So after listening to what I wanted to get out of the session, she became cutting pieces of pigments and starting mixing them together with a spatula to achieve my colour. I tested about three colours for each lipstick and I’m quite amazed that the first colour for both the nude and red lipsticks was the one I picked out in the end. It felt like the Lip Lab Artist had taken into consideration my skintone while preparing the colour. That said, I also felt that she was slightly disinterested and surly throughout the process, maybe she wasn’t in the best mood, maybe she is sick of mixing colours. But surprisingly, once Kevin came in and joined us, it was as if she had turned her charms on him and she began smiling. -.-”

Anyways, back to lipstick making! I then could choose from the scents available to add on to my lipstick. You could also choose to do a blend, but I chose to stick with vanilla because you know my fascination with vanilla scents. The colour mixtures were then placed in a centrifuge to ensure proper mixing.

Now, here comes the cool part (literally). My liquidfied lip colours were then poured into bullet-shaped moulds to set on this icy table. We didn’t have to wait very long for the lipsticks to solidify and it was soon early to be extracted from the mould.

The Lip Lab Artist then carefully placed the lipstick into an empty tube and as a finishing touch, I get to choose the shape of my tube. I chose two different shapes for the two different colours for easy differentiation. A card with the formula of the lip colour was also included, just in case I want to re-create the colour when I’ve run out. :)

So if you’re a make-up aficionado who’s visiting New York, make sure you make an appointment for your own customised lipstick, that’s a pretty cool souvenir to bring home! :)

Bite Beauty Lip Lab
174 Prince Street
New York 
NY 10012

Saturday: Selah


After a week of work, a day of rest is absolutely welcome.

Everyone’s definition of rest varies but here’s mine: I like to be awakened naturally, though it means I rarely get up past eight in the morning. I like to get moving, not out of restlessness but rather out of my desire to head out for a bout of activity or fresh air.


So this morning while Kev is off to work, I met up with Kelda for a run. I cycled over to meet her and I got in quite a workout. We jogged for a short while and wound up taking an idyllic walk in the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. As we chatted about everything under the sun while walking through the gardens, we spotted quite a few birds like kingfishers, waterhens and even saw a heron wading in the stream for its breakfast. We also spotted some herons roosting at the top of a tree.

This has turned out to be quite a nice walk and I wonder why we don’t do it as often as we should when it’s so good for our souls, to just break away from digital devices and revel in nature.